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Systems Map


The System

We looked at the current scenario of the supply chain from farm to consumer.

For such a complex system, the connections we found do not cover all the stakeholders and hence lead to one big issue:

Communication gaps

A system map is my way of understanding the connections between the various information "nodes".

The User Voices

Journey Map

What stood out to us when we researched both user groups is this:
- Lack of real time knowledge
- Lack of accurate information
- Confusion about making decisions.

This meant that what claims were being made and what information we found in our research matched up, allowing us to now accurately brainstorm solutions.

Journey Map

Brainstorming Session

Fig 1: Idea chart based on themes

Fig 2: Different Hats. a How might we VS user chart.

What we found

From both exercises conducted, we found:
- Putting our user group in different mental settings, including their ownt, allows them to come up with new ideas through a co-creative method.
- A scoring/point system is a prevelant theme that we should explore.
- A tracking system like a ledger, with immutability, is a strong platform feature to push for.


Opportunity Matrix

Action Idea

From there, we made a list of action points, but through a chart system to catagorise the information. The left collum deals with our major themes, and the top rows contain our how might we’s.

Simplify sustainability tracking for textile companies like playing Lego?

Create a verifiable data tracking system like witnessing fireworks?

Help incentivize companies to walk the sustainability talk like babies’ first steps?


Simplicity in how the process is built


Standard Metrics

Manuals and checklists that are made by and for the industry

Visual materials that prove what you are doing

Work with rules and frameworks that are accepted and validated by different actors of the industry

Visual materials that prove what you are doing

Cross-check process with companies from the industry

Share information and sources with supply chain


Integrate stakeholders to curate methods, metrics, & connections surrounding sustainability

Include a reward system for companies


Our team name Innsaei is derived from the Icelandic word meaning intuition, which is a common theme that is present in this project. We chose a logo that hence was an apt visual meaning to the name.
A forward tilt for our future oriented outlook,
Sharp and bold look to embody our firm stance.
A color gradient representing the common colors from the planet.


Business Model Canvas

But in order to have a viable solution, we looked at it as a business case to identify our key value proposition and our revenue streams.

Bussiness Case

Revenue Structure

From here, we introducedour final solution with our user group, to find out how we could quantify our value. The figures below showed us our financial opportunties.

Brands subscription

Algorithmic suggestions



Yearly trend reports

Target #*

Annual fee*


Business Case

At the same time, we compared ourselves with the existing market opportunties, not as a competition, but for future collaborations.


In this, we found that we had considered many different avenues to tackle our problem, and that we were offering many features. This gave us an idea, on if we were to pilot this, how best we could go to market.

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