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Project Details


Lead Designer

Tools Used: Figma, Miro




Healthcare, Technology


Yoomi aims to develop a platform that's enables patients to get remote physical therapy through artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

My Role

I work as a Lead Designer, reporting directly to the CTO and managing a small team of design interns to develop design artifacts. My other responsibilities include:

  • Providing Feedback and charting next steps of the projects

  • Prototyping (design systems, wireframes, comparison study)

  • Maintaining branding by creation of design system.

50 - 65% of PT patients don’t adhere to their home exercise programs resulting in longer recovery times that are costly and time consuming

Current Limitations

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Patient compliance isn’t being tracked, so patients lack the motivation to complete HEPs

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Patients feel helpless, and are scared to complete HEPs without guidance or support

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Lack of Engagement

HEPs can be boring, causing patients to lose interest and not complete their program


How might we create a space where patients can do their therapy with clear guidance, that is tracked, through an engaging workout, all without the physical need of a  therapist?


By an AI-driven platform that provides real-time feedback on patient exercise form, through gamified guided exercises. 

Main Features

Exercise Library

Comprehensive exercise selection for all patient cases. Our collection provides physical therapists (PTs) with much-needed flexibility when prescribing workout plans.

Engaging Workouts

- Personalized guidance through exercise based on PT input
- Visual and audio cues
- Score tracking and gamification


- Alerts patient of dangerous movements
- Customizable safeguards based on PT input

Report Generation

- Patient form, feedback, and compliance are all compiled in a summary format
- Data stored in a HIPAA compliant, FHIR format for ease of integration.

Actual Patient Journey

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Patients go to their healthcare provider to assess the extent of the therapy that’s required.

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From here, the PT’s understand the needs, the rate of damage to a body part, and prescribe medicine and or exercises.

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Most of the treatment options are physical rehab, using methods such a stretching, and slight load bearing movements

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