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Mental Map
Mental Map
System Map
Workshops and Consultation with Experts

Conducting in-class sessions let us get different perspectives of how each team was navigating this problem.

Our many conversations with subject matter experts gave us a lot to digest.

Game-play Mechanics

Read prompts to decide on

Each turn has a Decision Maker (DM)

Artboard 17.png

To huddle or not to huddle?

DM can choose to call for one or not

Artboard 17.png

Rock, Paper, Share All Decisions

But only the DM has the final say

Artboard 17.png

Finally, DM moves ship forward

Watch out for treasure along the way!

Stats and Metrics

As with any voyage, resources are finite and they are consumed with each decision you make. These mimic real life scenarios.

Artboard 18.png

A finite amount of fuel

A finite amount of food

Artboard 18.png

A health point system

A burnout system

Post Game Reflection

Mind the Gap also ends with a  reflective stage for players to learn about their gameplay.

STEP 1: Stats

STEP 2: Reflection

Relating it to work

Sailboat Retrospective

Looking at the choices made

What they liked about the game

Relatable roles & responsibilities

What worked and what didn't

Primary Research

We asked our research participants what it means to not have voice gaps. These were the responses we collected.

Research Findings

Our Findings

Survey Insights

From there, we asked our multiple survey participants about communication at their company. We focused on taking business decisions as an important detail.

We spoke to these specific members:
- Construction workers
- Construction managers
- Security guards
- Janitors
- Warehouse managers
- Office workers
- Retail workers

Root Causes

What causes Voice Gaps?

If Worker Voice is valued as long as “Business Intelligence” is being derived, then what causes communication breakdowns, employees eaving workplaces.

Pam made this wonderful visual to map the chasm of attrition.

From there I merged it with the iceberg model to look at the information we were collecting in a new light.

Artboard 11.png
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