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The conversation that began it all back in 2018.
Did you read the news about the Climate Agreement? We (India) have pledged to 100 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2022.

Matthew Samuel

Well, that's only a couple of years away.

Pooja Katti

What types of renewable energy are we talking about? Wind, Solar etc?
Yes. Solar does peak my interest. Should we work on this? Its a perfect example for a system project.
I agree! It will be interesting to see this unfold.
Already ahead of you. Just named our Whats-app group Solar Systems


Thus began our journey into studying solar energy.
System Design
Understanding the system (in a nutshell)

Climate change is an unprecedented crisis
that has a clock ticking

Regardless of this we still rely on fossil fuels to run our world. But there is a change in the tide.

Clean energy has
become a matter of
national security

Renewables have matured from
viable concept to feasible
implementation in scale

China has really made headway in this. But they had their own obstacles to deal with so, we then began looking at our own backyard. In  India.


Rapid growth in solar

But it went into a billion
dollar debt

With not many local
buyers, China
looked towards India

The Paris Climate Agreement adds 'fuel' to the momentum

The stakes were high. China & India had two of the largest populations to power while being major contributors to pollution.

But there were many advantages

This encouraged the Indian government for a milestone target: 100 gigawatts by 2022.

The country lies above
the equator

Most regions have 300 days or
above of sunlight in a year

And solar is cheaper to install
and maintain.


In all our findings, we found that a typical practical issue was manufacturing centered. India had the ability to make solar panels but China made them much cheaper, hence pushing potential customers to choose Chinese panels.

But in order to effectively adopt solar energy in the Indian market, three pillars needed to be erected:


of solar farms

Establish a strong manufacturing

Rooftop Solar

Understanding how they get made

In India this is how solar panels enter the market.

Modules entirely
are imported.

Distributed to the
supplier based on quota

Suppliers gather installers to transport and build mounts

Core assemblies

To sell a panel, manufacturers then assemble it from the cell up.

Solar Cells

Tabbing and


Simulation and Testing.

At the Users

To sell a panel, manufacturers then assemble it from the cell up.

The panels get set up for the User.

From here the User can choose to go On or Off Grid.

Lifespan of the panels are 25 years and because of it, they end up in landfills

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