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My Projects

This current page before you covers my work as an industrial, visual, and experience designer. It ranges from academic to personal works, dwelling in the domain of design research, and physical and digital design.

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Adding security towards responsible E Waste recycling

Kai is a website that informs tech owners to responsibly dispose of their e-waste through data back-up and wiping at Kai pop-up booths.

Design Strategy | Product Design | Game Design

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Tag is a blockchain based platform that allows companies to track their supply chain logistics.  

User Research | Product Design | Blockchain

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Mind the Gap

Can we reimagine how we interact with our co-workers?


Mind the Gap is a digital board game designed to foster growth within the workplace through a participatory role-play game.

Design Strategy | Product Design | Game Design



Wafer is a platform that allows neighborhoods to manage and share their collective solar energy within their community. 

User Research | Product Design | Energy



One Aviation

How might a global aircraft lessor reduce its carbon footprint?


Demos is a desiccant based dehumidifier that maintains humidity levels in a sealed cargo.

Design Strategy | Industrial Design | Manufacturing

One Aviation is an airline leasing platform, to provide real-time data between airlines and their leasing agency.

Design Strategy | Product Design | Aviation

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