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Molding to Form

About Me

I’m a designer-cum-strategist whose career spans multiple disciplines, geographies and cultures. 

For close to 5 years, I have built and shaped experiences of products, through a strategic lens for startups, social innovation labs and design consultancies alike. 

My design journey began in high school, where I studied design thinking as an elective course. Fast forward a few years, and I was exploring Product Design as a graduate student in India. Working in this 

My professional journey in design began during my high school years, where I ventured into crafting wooden toys as part of an elective course. This hands-on experience sparked my passion for design.


This formative experience instilled in me a profound curiosity, which continues to drive my eagerness to tackle captivating design challenges. 

I embody a strong sense of competitiveness and an unwavering work ethic, traits that have been honed through my years as a dedicated swimmer.

I firmly adhere to the belief that the true essence of success lies at the convergence of action, desire, and unwavering consistency

Mark Cuban testing and appreciating a basketball physiotherapy game that I designed with my development team at Yoomi

I am driven by the desire to contribute to the greater good, to leave a lasting imprint that makes a tangible difference in the lives of others

Narendra Modi Hon. Prime Minister of India appreciating the Jio Glass ..a mixed reality product I worked on since conception during my 2 years at Jio Reliance

Through my infectious enthusiasm and dedication, I aim to create an atmosphere where teams thrive,

ideas flourish, and exceptional

outcomes are achieved

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