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Here's a short visual essay

About Me

I am a  design practitioner giving shape to ideas

image 79.png

I am curious


I like to break out of my comfort zone.

This is me as a hatchling at age 3.

I am competitive, and appreciate hard work

Swimming and design competitions

I am a firm believer that magic is at the intersection of action, desire and consistency.

Playing Santa for a school play, spreading magic.

I welcome new challenges

Me, trying to ski when I was told I couldn't

I strive to leave behind a useful legacy.

Mark Cuban testing and appreciating a basketball physiotherapy game that I designed with my development team at Yoomi

Narendra Modi Hon. Prime Minister of India appreciating the Jio Glass ..a mixed reality product I worked on since conception during my 2 years at Jio Reliance

I bring energy to projects and teams

I bring me

Performing for kindergarten day.


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